Alexis Creek in British Columbia / Canada

Alexis Creek is a small service town located on Highway 20 (main highway) in the Chilcotin Grasslands region of BC, Canada. The highway town is surrounded by wildlife, wilderniss and nature.There are also a few buildings and a restaurant. Gas and a general store are available 14 kilometres south of Alexis Creek on the First Nation lands.


Alexis Creek is a good base camp for services prior to joining up with your outdoor adventure company. Backcountry summer adventures are enjoyed in the Chilcotin region.They include fly fishing, horseback riding, camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and offroading.


After the snow falls and the lakes freeze the landscape changes and so do the adventures. The wilderness trails and gravel roads become  ski and snowmobile routes. The frozen lakes become ice fishing destinations and some become part of a long haul snowmobile adventure.


Throughout the Chilcotin grasslands and forests are guest ranches and lodges mixed in with wilderness campgrounds and provincial parks. Some adventure resorts are accessed easily, others require more effort like exploring long gravel roads, hiking trails or flying in on a floatplane.

The wilderness resorts, recreational lakes and provincial parks attract allot of attention to the area. Some of the parks to consider exploring when near Alexis Creek are the Bull Canyon, Nazko Lake and White Pelican Provincial Parks. Forestry Wilderness Campsites are near the lakes Two Lake, MacKill Lake, Palmer Lake and Alexis Lake.

Just east of Alexis Creek, is Riske Creek and a fantastic sightseeing destination called Farwell Canyon. The canyon viewpoint towers over Chilcotin River and in the distance one can see some buildings of an old homestead. On the far side of the mighty Chilcotin River - high above you - are sandstone cliffs, hoodoos and, possibly, a mountain goat sighting.

Campsites and RV Parks in Alexis Creek (BC)

Bull Canyon Provincial Park

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